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Bumi Tulin has been serving the herbal healthcare community for the last 20 years hier gefunden. Strived on innovation and excellence, focused on launching new products to serve the community at large for https://jobitel.com the best outcome. Through persistent hard work, we have been triumphant in building a well-recognized business network across Malaysia. https://xjobs.org/


Bumi Tulin’s range of products was introduced in 2015 to the market as a result of the steady and competitive rise in popularity of this magic herb in personal healthcare products., Bumi Tulin’s provides wonderful plethora of organic-based solutions that use neem and other Ayurvedic extracts in their products as a main ingredients.


We now have over 5,500 retailers in 14 states, Penisular of Malaysia, bringing our unique blend of ethical beauty with a sense of humour and serious purpose to the world.