With over 140 compounds being isolated from its different parts, Neem is indeed the mother of all herbs!

For hundreds of years, Ayurvedic, Unani and Homeopathic scholars have expounded the medicinal properties of Neem tree and how every part of the tree yields a useful compound. In rural parts of India and the Eastern world, it is still considered as the village dispensary capable of solving most ailments. The importance of the neem tree has even been recognized by United States National Academy of Sciences, which published a report long back in1992 entitled ‘Neem – a tree for solving global problems’.


A few of its several 100 benefits and uses are listed below

  1. Neem proves to be a miracle for people with problematic skin. Thanks to its anti- fungal and anti- bacterial properties. Neem is a boon for people with sensitive or oily, acne prone skin.
  2. As a wonderful anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent, it helps in treating skin infections when mixed in bathing water
  3. When combined with turmeric it is an effective remedy for pimples and acne and help in clearing the skin and keeping it fresh and clean
  4. When added with other ingredients, it acts as an effective sebum-controller and helps those with oily skin by clearing off the excess oil
  5. Neem contains immune-stimulating compounds and regenerative properties that help the skin to fight pathogens below the skin surface thus keeping the skin remain supple and thereby preventing skin ageing
  6. It acts as an excellent natural hair conditioner by providing a smooth and soft sheen to the hair when applied as a paste


These and many more medicinal properties of Neem has ensured that it is the primary ingredient for most of our products including our Soap, Shampoo, Shower Cream and Hair Oil. Daily use of these products which have been specially formulated to enhance the medicinal properties of neem, will ensure that you have flawless skin and hair.

Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin coconut oil is perhaps the world’s best multi-tasking wonder oil used in several products!

Classified as a Super Food for its excellent medicinal properties, virgin coconut oil provides excellent all round benefits as confirmed by recent scientific studies across the world.



A few of the several hundred benefits that virgin coconut oil offers is listed below

  1. Equipped with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, virgin coconut oil can be used as a mouth freshener and a whitening agent providing clean teeth if used for gargling daily
  2. Provides an excellent all-natural way to remove lice and get rid of dandruff and other scalp allergies when coupled with ingredients such as white vinegar
  3. If you have frizzed hair that never tames down, virgin coconut oil is the best remedy for you as it eliminates the need for expensive hair creams and provides a natural sheen that tames even the wildest hair
  4. Expecting mothers and new moms can use the virgin coconut oil for removing pregnancy and stretch marks
  5. Heated virgin coconut oil is an excellent preshampoo conditioner that gives a smooth sheen and silky glow after you leave it for an hour and shampoo
  6. Equipped with powerful natural anti-oxidants, the virgin coconut oil smoothens wrinkles and fine lines when used as a night cream.


With even top celebrities like Emma Stone counting natural virgin coconut oil among their favourites, it is also the top ingredient in our flagship product Bumi Tulin’s Hair Oil.



This common household spice is now touted by the scientific community as the next miracle herb!

Yes, scientists across the world have now acknowledged that Turmeric indeed has the cure-all properties that Eastern medicine has always suggested. Recent studies from The Ohio State University on the properties of turmeric and its use as an anti-inflammatory agent have placed this common seasoning from Asia into the limelight of the scientific world.


By using turmeric to exact proportion in conjunction with other herbs, the following benefits can be achieved


  1. It is effective in the treatment of acne due to its antiseptic and antibacterial properties which fight pimples and breakouts to provide a youthful glow to your skin
  2. It is beneficial for oily skin as it regulates the production of sebum, an oily substance produced by the sebaceous glands
  3. It provides quick relief in case of burns, thanks to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties
  4. When combined with virgin coconut oil, it provides an excellent agent that can be used to soften the heels and for eliminating cracked heels
  5. When used as a cream in combination with other ingredients such as milk and virgin coconut oil, it removes dead cells and helps in the treatment of certain skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema
  6. It may prevent melanoma and cause existing melanoma cells to retract.
  7. It is a potent natural anti-inflammatory that works as well as many anti-inflammatory drugs but without the side effects.
  8. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it is a natural treatment for arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.
  9. Speeds up wound healing and assists in remodeling of damaged skin.

It is because of these massive benefits that turmeric provides to users that it is one of the active ingredients in
Bumi Tulin’s Shower Cream and Soap.

Evening Primrose Oil

Evening primrose oil (EPO) is made from the seeds of the flowers of a plant native to North America. The plant has traditionally been used to treat bruises, hemorrhoids, digestive problems, and sore throats. Its healing benefits may be due to its gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) content. GLA is an omega-6 fatty acid found in plant oils. EPO is generally taken as a supplement or applied topically.


Read on to learn how EPO may help treat many common health conditions today.


  1. It can help clear up acne.
  2. It may help ease eczema
  3. It can help improve overall skin health
  4. It may help reduce high blood pressure
  5. It can help reduce nerve & bone pain